Dotti's Bio

Since the journey ended, Dotti & Roby have become real estate investors.  They call themselves "transactional engineers," making deals happen by solving other peple's problems, using other people's money.  Visit their website for their new venture, Harbinger Enterprises.


For many years, Dotti has had two loves in business … facilitating/coaching and marketing/promotions; therefore, her dual career path has had a parallel existence. 



Dotti was, as she says, “born to coach
,” beginning as a teen-ager coaching 10 & under girls basketball.  She then received a BS.Ed from Georgia Southern College in 1974 and a M.Ed. from Georgia State University in 1975. She taught and coached women’s basketball at the high school level in Georgia before coaching at the University of Kentucky from 1980-1983.  Although now out of the field of women’s basketball, Dotti has continued to coach, utilizing different vehicles.


Through her company, IMPACT Communications, Dotti Berry has served since 1985 as a trainer/facilitator/coach, offering seminars and workshops.  Working with a variety of clients in organizations, universities, corporations, religious institutions and Leadership classes for both youth and adults, Dotti has worked with Sodexho, the University of Kentucky, The Girl Scouts, NCCJ  (National Conference of Community and Justice) and Soulforce in the area of transformation, GLBT issues, diversity, teambuilding, and non-violent process.


As a Life & Relationship coach, Dotti has had many unique experiences and opportunities, as she has moved from coaching in one arena to coaching in others. Dotti is working on her doctorate in Human Sexuality at Widener University and has attended the Thornfield Annual Conference on Sexuality, studying with Brian McNaught, called the "Godfather of Gay Sensitivity Training" by the The New York Times. During the conference, Dotti completed a special track on corporate diversity and gay issues in the workplace.  Dotti has also presents workshops as well as groups for SO's (significant others) and transgender couples at several transgender conferences, such as Esprit, Fantasia Fair, Southern Comfort, and IFGE (International Foundation for Gender Education),  Additionally, Dotti is a certified Self-Talk™ Trainer and has been a member of Toastmasters.   She serves as part of the extended national leadership team for Soulforce (, The purpose of Soulforce is freedom for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people from religious and political oppression through the practice of relentless nonviolent resistance. . Dotti has also studied Touch Drawing™ with Deborah Koff-Chapin ( and teaches and utilizes Touch Drawing in various workshops, as well as in one-on-one coaching, transgender transitioning, and creative writing and journaling on "transition to transformation."   Most recently Dotti been training with Energy Mirrors, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and is integrating those new tools into her coaching.





Dotti hosted the Terry Hall Show in 1984-1986, as well as hosting “Back to the Final Four” for women’s basketball in 1986. 


Dotti has been in marketing and promotions since 1988. From 1988-1995, she owned BSA Enterprises, a company consisting of two divisions: Fifth Avenue Resort Wear, a line of retail stores throughout the southeastern United States and BSA Promotions, which produced custom corporate logo items. During that time, her business was named the 1991 Lexington, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year, 1994 Impressions Magazine "Top50" in Promotional Apparel, 1995 ASI Small Business Distributor of the Year in the United States, 1995 PPAI Golden Pyramid Award Winner, and 1995 Promo Magazine Top 100 Promotional Companies. Additionally, Dotti was a two time Lane Report "Top Women in Business" recipient in Lexington, Kentucky. Dotti has also authored many articles for magazines such as Counselor Magazine and Promo Magazine. 


In 1995, Dotti developed a group of companies, which she sold in 1998. Those companies were Creative Promotions, Inc., a strategic partner for innovative promotional campaigns, marketing and event planning; Web Creations, a website and internet marketing company; Vision Management Group, an agent for professional athletes and entertainers; Stitch by Design, an embroidery facility; and Five Star Distributors, a fulfillment and distribution center. 


When Dotti sold the previous companies, she started Phoenix Communications, which specializes in corporate apparel, promotions, internet/website development and hosting, graphics and printed products, event product development, and corporate logo identification programs.



IMPACT Communications/Phoenix Communications

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