If you want to offer a special talent that you feel could enhance our journey (such as connections to any media, networking to help create corporate sponsorships, securing speaking engagements/workshops/ for us, creating a fundraiser in your area, etc.), please contact us at Dotti@GayIntoStraightAmerica. 


If you are a great networker, and can help us secure some of the services we need on our trip, we would love to hear from you!  We need the following:


1)     Wireless Service

2)     Cell Phone Service 

3)  Year supply of dogfood for Rylee (which can be picked up at national locations throughout the US)

4)  Bed and Breakfast get-a-ways or resorts (yes, we will need some times to rejuvenate ourselves along our journey); perhaps a gift certificate donated by one of these places could be arranged.  We would put the logo and contact info on our website.

5)  Airline miles from those of you who have accumulated lots of them; check with any of your corporate friends who fly a lot and see if they can help us.  This will allow us to fly (at any moment) to a particular area to do a talk/workshop as we travel and help us be flexible with our schedule.



Our message?

Connecting Threads

10% of us affect 100% of society
Creating Authentic Connections...Dissolving Differences which separate us


Our Methods?

Please help us create these opportunities if you have any
"connections" for making it happen!



1)       Weekly column in newspapers across the country, sharing stories about the authentic connections we are making through our journey

2)       Monthly column in magazines, helping people learn how to Stand UP and Speak OUT, making authentic connections in your own communities

3)       GLBT Coach radio show – as a Life and Relationship Coach (Dotti), I want to have a national radio show, where GLBT persons can call in for Relationship Tips, and allies and others who are wrestling with their understanding can ask their questions as well

4)   Oprah -- we need your "connections" to locate people who are "wrestling" with their understanding of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning people!  (And an RV would be nice too!)  (:



Speaking Engagements and Workshops: in every town we visit

Fundraiser:  in every town we visit




Our core team inspires our great team of volunteers, coordinating talents and fundraising efforts.     


Cathy Angell - Systems planning and events; fundraising

Ronna Biggs - Systems planning and events; fundraising

Nan Macy - Documentary

Cathy Mason - Press Releases and Print Media

Shelly Varner - Financial and corporate sponsorships (local)

Laura Driscoll - Financial sponsorships

Jill Havens - Corporate sponsorships (national)

Jennifer Willner - Legal Counsel

     Willner Law Firm P.S.
     Crown Plaza Building - Floor 4
     114 W. Magnolia
     Bellingham, WA  98225
     Phone: (360) 392-3995
     Cell:  (360) 920-4573
     Fax:   (360) 392-6005