StandUpSpeakOut Challenge

A Call to Action

Through a rainbow of diverse people,

WE can bridge the polarization,

creating authentic connections and

dissolving differences that separate us




I am only one; but still I am ONE. 

I cannot do everything; but Still I can do Something.

I will not refuse to do the something I can do!

Helen Keller



  • Stand UP & Speak OUT…remaining silent is just as dangerous as overt discrimination.  We each have our gifts, whether it be writing, speaking, creating music or art, organizing a group, standing vigil.  Discover your gift and use it to make a difference. Just do it…Take Action!

    Click here for resources, including "Talk about It:  HRC's guide about Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues."

  • Exhibit a willingness to SHIFT your thinking on a daily basis; make a commitment to evaluate one aspect of your belief system each week and be open to where that journey takes you.

  • Create authentic connections with persons with whom you differ in any way; observe how differences dissolve that separate you.

  • Elevate your awareness about your own potential biases. Non-violently confront discrimination and social injustice through actions that match your words.

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    Recent scientific research has demonstrated that biases thought to be absent or extinguished remain as "mental residue" in most of us.

  • Claim your voice...Be visible...Empower your life!


We hope our rainbow wristbands, a never-ending circle of colors, lead to engaging one another in more meaningful conversations, creating a tipping point as we reaffirm the potential for change in our world and the power of intelligent action. We believe there are things we can achieve together that we can’t achieve separately, signifying our interconnectedness.  Isn’t it time to Stand UP and Speak OUT?


The Civil Rights Era -
Part 1: Desegregation/Civil Rights in the Arena and on the Stage

The Civil Rights Era -
Part 2: Sit-ins, Freedom Rides, and Demonstrations