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There's a reason we call our non-profit corporation Stand UP Speak Out!  We believe that we have the greatest opportunity to engage with one another when we are willing to authentically speak our truth.  It allows us to risk having our words, thoughts and feelings considered by others.  We gain our empowerment, not from having others agree with us, but from having the boldness to speak our truth regardless of the outcome or consequences.

We  believe that we often resist that calling to speak our truth due to "what people will think," as well as our own resistance to feeling our own discomfort.  The potential on the other side of "dis"comfort, however, is authentic connection and comfort as we "dis"connect from that which we fear.

We dare to speak our opinions so that others will be encouraged and inspired to speak theirs also.  Though our year-long journey, Gay Into Straight America, which began on September 11, 2005, was completed on September 20, 2006, inspiring people to have deeper and more authentic conversations continues to be our intention as we travel on this life-long journey.  Our rainbow wristbands represent that commitment.

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