Note:  With our official "Gay Into Straight America" journey completed, all of our future events will be posted on our website Stand UP Speak OUTPlease visit and click on the Events icon.  If you are interested in having us speak or present a workshop, click here to contact us.

Gay Into Straight America will be continuously updating and adding events as we travel throughout the country.  Only upcoming events are listed below; events that have taken place drop off this page.

In addition to specific events, much of our journey will consist of day-to-day interactions, as we travel and create authentic connections with people.  It is called the "attractor factor" and it happens "easily and naturally" as we remain open to attracting those who are wrestling with their understanding about GLBT persons, or those who are wrestling about being a GLBT person and fully accepting their authentic self.

Looking for examples of this attractor factor?  Following are two.

Click here for an example of a person wrestling with their own understanding of GLBT persons.

Click here for an example of a person wrestling with acceptance of living fully as their authentic self.

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Jan 1, 2007
Speaking engagement available at
Dotti & Robynne Berry-Sapp
Since Gay Into Straight America was the initial one year journey through our non-profit Stand UP Speak OUT, Inc, our speaking engagements will be available at our webiste We look forward to hearing from you about speaking!

Oct 20, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio...Whatever It Takes...The journey of Two Women & a Poodle
Contact Janet
2 women and a Poodle...presenting "Whateverit Takes," the first in our new edu-tainment series of speakers - something really different!

Oct 15, 2006
Dotti presenting at Fantasia Fair
This will be the 30th anniversary. Come on T's and friends. Join us!

Sep 20, 2006
GISA concludes year long journey
Libby Manthey
Gay Into Straight America will conclude its year long journey in Chelan, Washington, home of Lars Clausen, who inspired their journey with his own, Straight Into Gay America.

Sep 19, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG in Wenatchee, WA
Kathy Kiefer
We are excited about speaking in Wenatchee. It was the one of the first places we spoke on our journey!

Sep 18, 2006
Heading to Spokane to speak at PFLAG & other groups in Eastern Washington
Wanda & Tina, co-chairs of PFLAG Spokane
Speaking at PFLAG Spokane is definite. Other speaking engagements in the area are under consideration.

Sep 17, 2006
Dinner in Spokane
Join us for a diverse evening of good and authentic conversation, as we engage hearts and minds.

Sep 11, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Longview, WA
Mary Ann Nelson
Longview United Methodist Church on Pacific and 30th in Longview Washington at 7:00 pm.

Sep 10, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Cathlamet, WA
Mary Ann Nelson

Aug 27, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Sun City West
John Rachau
Please join "Two Women & a Poodle" as they share stories and adventures from their year long journey, Gay Into Straight America.

Aug 27, 2006
Speaking in Scottsdale, Arizona
Katharine Harts
We are excited about speaking with the church which birthed the journey, CrossWalk America.

Aug 17, 2006
Speaking in Silver City, New Mexico
Tyler Connoley
PFLAG will be sponsoring this speaking engagement...a purple picnic in the park.

Aug 16, 2006 - Jul 16, 2006
PFLAG in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Katherine, PFLAG Chapter President
We are excited about speaking at our first event in New Mexico!

Aug 14, 2006
PFLAG Ft. Collins/Northern Colorado
Julie Wilson
They will hold their annual PFLAG picnic on August 14 in Fort Collins. They plan to make it a kick-off event for Family Equality as they gear up for the election season and the many initiatives related to GLBT rights that They expect on the ballot.

Aug 11, 2006
Bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska
Lots of locals will join us at the book store! Don't miss it!

Aug 10, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Omaha, Nebraska
We are excited to speak to another great PFLAG group. Socializing begins at 6:30 and the program begins at 7 p.m.

Jul 20, 2006
PFLAG Boulder, Colorado
Jean Hodges
We will leave Colorado Springs area after walking our part in the 1000 Watt Walk with Soulforce to travel to Boulder and speak at PFLAG Boulder.

Jul 17, 2006 - Jul 22, 2006
Soulforce action at Focus on the Family
We will join Soulforce in Colorado Springs in vigil at Focus on the Family headquarters.

Jul 11, 2006 - Jul 16, 2006
Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming
Dotti Berry
We plan to be in the states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. If you know people/groups there who would like to meet with Gay Into Straight America, let us know!

Jun 14, 2006
Corporate Workshop at Sodexho in Allentown, PA
We will speak about our journey, Gay Into Straight America, and then present a workshop.

Jun 13, 2006
Speaking to interested people in Perkasie, PA & surrounding areas
Roberta Kreider
Harold & Roberta Kreider have invited Dotti & Roby to speak. This event will be at 7:30.

Jun 11, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Winchester/Lower Shenandoah Valley
Rhona Collins
Two women, without the poodle, will be speaking. Unfortunately, because of being back on the west coast, we will be flying back east to do some diversity training at a corporation. That means Rylee Joy will be at home.

Jun 8, 2006
Corporate Workshop at Sodexho in Gaithersburg, Maryland
We will speak about our journey, Gay Into Straight America, and then present a workshop.

Jun 4, 2006
Speaking in our home town of Bellingham, WA
First time back home since Gay Into Straight America Journey began!

Jun 3, 2006
Speaking during Pride Week-end in our home of Bellingham, WA
Diana Campbell
This event will be from 7-10 p.m. Come join us for a potluck hors d'oeurves and BYO drinks.

May 14, 2006 - May 21, 2006
Heading to transgender conference, Esprit
Dotti Berry
Dotti will be presenting at Esprit, the transgender conference in Port Angeles, WA.

May 12, 2006
Speaking at Pacific School of Religion
Dotti & Roby will speak at their "Lavendar Lunch" series for GLBT.

May 10, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Long Beach
karen wyrick
We are heading back to the California area, after having visited there briefly at the beginning of our journey.

May 3, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Orange, CA
Brenda Thompson
The meetings begin at 7:15. Join two women and a poodle and hear about our real and true adventures!

Apr 26, 2006 - May 11, 2006
Chris Haiss
Chris Haiss is putting together varous speaking engagements during our time in California.

Apr 21, 2006 - Apr 23, 2006
Northwest Regional PFLAG Conference
Kathy Reim, Washington State PFLAG Chair
Dotti Berry & Robynee Sapp will present at the Northwest Regional PFLAG Conference.

Apr 13, 2006 - Apr 18, 2006
South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas
Dotti Berry
We want to visit these states and engage with folks as we travel back west to speak at PFLAG Northwest Regional Conference April 21-23

Apr 11, 2006
Speaking at Georgia Tech
Sarabrynn Hudgins
We will be speaking at an "ending the silence" rally for 2006's Day of Silence.

Apr 9, 2006
Haddonfield United Methodist Church in New Jersey
Sue Schantz
We will be speaking at 9:30 a.m. during the Sunday School hour. We will meet in Corson Hall.

Apr 7, 2006
The youth are our both our present and future!
There is a possibility we will be speaking to the Main Line Youth Alliance in the Philadelphia area.

Apr 5, 2006 - Apr 8, 2006
IFGE (International Foundation for Gender Education, Inc.)
Alison Lang
"Remembering Out Past...Shaping Our Future" is the theme of IFGE 2006.

Apr 2, 2006
GISA speaks at Fushion Baptist Church
Harry Rickards
GISA will speak to this faith group.

Apr 2, 2006
Speaking in Wayne, PA (outside Philadelphia)
Gay Into Straight America, sponsored by Soulforce Philadelphia and the GLBT advocacy group of Central Baptist Church, are excited about speaking in the Philadelphia area.

Mar 31, 2006
GISA speaks in Richmond, VA
Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline
Engaging hearts and minds, creating authentic connections, and dissolving differences that separate us is the intention as various groups come together to hear what inspired two women and a poodle to take a year long journey.

Mar 27, 2006
Speaking at UCC in York, Pennsylvania
We will be speaking at the United Church of Christ in York, Pennsylvania at 7:30 p.m.

Mar 24, 2006 - Apr 8, 2006
Heading to the Northeast
Dotti Berry
Plans are underway to be in Pennsylvania, , Washington D.C., New York, and New Jersey during the end of March and first part of April.

Mar 20, 2006
St. Paul/Minneapolis PFLAG - Monday meeting
Gretchen Murr
This will be the Monday PFLAG meeting in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.

Mar 19, 2006
St. Paul/Minneapolis PFLAG - Sunday meeting
Gretchen Murr
Speaking at the Sunday PFLAG St. Paul/Minneapolis. The location is at Diamond Lake Road and 35W in Minneapolis.

Mar 13, 2006
PLFAG Mason City/North Iowa PFLAG
Dean Genth
We will head to Iowa to speak at the PFLAG Mason City/North Iowa chapter.

Mar 1, 2006 - Mar 11, 2006
Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina
Dotti Berry
We are open to possibilities. Contact us!

Feb 26, 2006
Speaking at SW Michigan PFLAG
We are excited about speaking in Michigan.

Feb 19, 2006
PLFAG Louisville
Carol Cadonic, President
Speaking at Louisville PFLAG...excited because that is Dotti's "neck of the woods," as she lived in Lexington, KY for 23 years.

Feb 15, 2006 - Feb 18, 2006
Back to Dotti's home of 23 years...Lexington, KY
Dotti Berry
Whether we will be speaking of just visiting with friends, we aren't sure yet.

Feb 14, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG in Dayton, Ohio
Brian Lanham , Dayton, Ohio PFLAG President
We are excited about speaking in Ohio. Invite your friends and family!

Feb 12, 2006
Speaking at Garden of Grace United Church in Columbia, S.C.
Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge
This will be our first venture into South Carolina.

Jan 10, 2006
Speaking at PFLAG Tampa
Our first speaking engagement of the new year gives us the opportunity to share the diverse experiences we have had thus far on our journey.

Jan 2, 2006 - Jan 31, 2006
Florida in January
Dotti Berry
Our journey will take us throughout Florida during January.

Dec 26, 2005 - Dec 29, 2005
Several possibilities of speaking in Alabama
Dotti Berry
We aren't sure of dates, but are in contact with some people/groups about speaking opportunities.

Dec 18, 2005
Georgia, here we come!
Karen (chapter president)
Dotti's going home to Atlanta where she and Roby will speak to PFLAG Atlanta!

Dec 17, 2005
PFLAG Little Rock, Arkansas
Louise Hogan
We are excited about speaking to the new PFLAG chapter. Our friends, Mary Lou and Bob Wallner, who introduced us, also live there.

Dec 16, 2005
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Wincie Gladish
Dotti and Roby will be speaking at New Beginnings Church.

Dec 6, 2005 - Dec 11, 2005
Missouri, here we come!
Dorothy Angell
Dorothy Angell, genteel activist in Columbia, has arranged several speaking engagements.

Dec 5, 2005
Tulsa, Oklahoma with Families First, Colage, and PFLAG
Nancy McDonald
Speaking at board meeting of Families First, Colage, and PFLAG members on Monday, December 5.

Dec 4, 2005
Dotti & Roby will speak at PFLAG Houston on Dec. 4
Jim Null
Don't miss this opportunity to hear about the yearlong journey of two women and a poodle, as they talk about Gay Into Straight America. Yes, even Rylee Joy is speaking through her lessons on their website!

Nov 15, 2005
Dotti & Roby to speak at PFLAG in Los Angeles
Chris Haiss
We will speak at PFLAG in Los Angeles.

Nov 9, 2005
Heading into Sacramento area to speak
Jeanie Moore
Stay tuned for what two women and a poodle do as they enter California!

Nov 7, 2005 - Nov 19, 2005
California, here we come!
Dotti Berry
California will be full with stops in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and other areas.

Oct 22, 2005
Come to the Table
Tara Wilkins
Gay Into Straight American invited to "Come to the Table!"

Oct 16, 2005 - Oct 21, 2005
Heading to transgender conference, Fantasia Fair
Dotti Berry
Dotti will be presenting at Fantasic Fair, the transgender conference in Provincetown, MA

Oct 2, 2005
Fundraising Concert featuring Ter-ra in Portland, Oregon
Teri Stevens
Gay Into Straight America is excited to be in Portland on this leg of our journey!

Sep 30, 2005 - Oct 7, 2005
Oregon -- Here we come!
Dotti Berry
We will head to Portland, where we were legally married March 7, 2004, before having our marriage license voided in 2005. "Where and when" specifics, as well as some interesting information about "marriage licenses" in Oregon, follow.

Sep 27, 2005 - Sep 28, 2005
Eastern Washington
Dotti Berry
Visiting old friends from our "Connecting Threads" stories

Sep 19, 2005 - Sep 26, 2005
Heading to transgender conference, Southern Comfort
Dotti Berry
Dotti will be presenting at Southern Comfort, the transgender conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sep 11, 2005
The Official Kick-off for Gay Into Straight America - "Leave No Person Behind!"
Dotti Berry
As Lucie Blue Tremblay sings in her song, "We're moving in your neighborhood."

Sep 10, 2005
Gay Into Straight America Fundraising Concert in Ferndale, WA
Dotti Berry
What a way to kick off Gay Into Straight America! This event will feature Lucie Blue Tremblay, Kym Tuvim, and Amber Darland. Don't miss it!